Stillness Speaks

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy & Meditation

The culmination of courses, meditation, and one-on-one counseling are designed to move you beyond the mind’s incessant chatter. Access your true voice. This is an opportunity for you release the shadow self. Flesh out your truth and define your purpose with confidence.

Individuals like you do not let anything hold them down. They make bold choices each day. Be ready to take the next step.
Go deeper, experience inner calm, clarity, and self-connection.
Are you ready to step inside? Allow Sonia Brill to guide you.


I am much happier. I have set goals for myself. I have guidelines for my life"

E.B.CEO, Greenwood Village, CO

Thank you so much for working with me this year. I can’t fully express how much better I feel, and you sure helped me get there. You are doing what you were destined to do. Thank you also for being willing to keep the door open, if needed, in the future. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

K.L.Nurse, Littleton, CO

A former NYU trained therapist, author, and The Albert Einstein College of Medicine Institute practitioner, Sonia recognized the scientific benefits of meditation and trained at the world-renowned Chopra Center. Sonia is a certified teacher and educator in Primordial Sound Meditation. Sonia has an uncanny knack for creating monumental change through her meditation, online courses, and mindfulness-based counseling. Her style is direct, non-judgmental and empathetic. Sonia’s life experiences have refined her talents to help others. Her teachers in Primordial Sound Meditation have included Deepak Chopra, Roger Gabriel, and David Frawley. Consult with Sonia nationwide through phone or video conferencing.  Her counseling practices are located in Colorado and New York.

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