Do you need urgent counseling?

Individuals or couples who seek urgent counseling often feel their life is coming apart. They face significant emotional distress due to a break-up, divorce, or life change. Urgent counseling session offers individuals or couples an opportunity to restore emotional balance, receive an assessment of their present circumstance, and create a plan of action. Individuals who call for an urgent counseling session are often scared and overwhelmed by their present situation. Some of the reasons why individuals reach out for an urgent counseling session may be: loss of control during an angry outburst,  martial distress, death, severe anxiety, high-conflict divorce, or change in parenting time. Urgent counseling sessions provide men and women consultation within twenty-four hours after initial contact.

Life can throw hard blows.  Are you being asked to “roll with it”, “man- up”, or “deal with it?”

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your present situation?
Are you crying one minute; angry the next?
Are you feeling anxious and unable to sleep?
Are you feeling hopeless or numb?
Are you having angry outbursts?
Are you facing a difficult life-transition?

If you answered “yes,” you can benefit from an urgent counseling session.

Going through an emotional crisis can be unsettling.  I help people break out of their emotional crisis patterns and feel grounded again. 

Urgent Counseling Sessions

My office is a safe haven to address confidential concerns. Using crisis and urgent counseling assessment techniques from my experiences at Bellevue Hospital NYC Emergency Service, St. Vincent’s and Jacobi Medical Centers, I help clients feel emotionally safe. Once we establish a working relationship, a thorough assessment and plan of action is completed. 

Urgent Counseling Sessions Provides:

Stabilization of emotional upset
Proactive, support and guidance
Evaluation of current circumstance
Scheduled session and consulation within 24-hours
Treatment plan to address immediate concerns
Resources to help clients feel supported

Be seen for urgent counseling within 24-hours.
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