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How did things get here?
How did I  NOT see the signs? 
How do I get out of it? 
Its natural to wonder…Thinking about what went wrong, leaves you feeling helpless and angry. Instead, let’s take back this power. Start with the high-conflict divorce assessment. Then sign up for Divoring With Dignity Divorce Class. Free yourself from high-conflict divorce.  High-conflict divorce class self-assessment is the first step toward empowerment. It allows us to know where we stand. With the support and guidance of this group, its possible to move on from here. Let’s get started.  Take a few minutes and answer the following questions.

Answer True, if it applies to you. Or False if it does not apply:

1. I cannot resolve most things with my ex.
2. My ex drives me “crazy.”
3. Even simple things become a full-on battle.
4. We cannot agree to minor logistics.
5. I believe my ex is a narcissist, sociopath, or borderline.
6. My kids rely messages from my ex.
7. My ex makes plans on my parenting time.
8. My kids dictate or tell me when they will see me.
9. My kids are being turned away from me.
10. I feel powerless.
11. I am anxious or overwhelmed.
12. My ex manipulates, blames, or shames me.
13. My ex calls, texts, sends repeated messages.
14. He (she) believes they own me.
15. I am angry at my ex.
16. I have spent lots of money on this divorce.
17. My ex is persuasive when he (she) wants something.
18. I don’t know if I can trust myself.
19. I feel stuck.
20. I am worried about the outcome of this divorce/separation.

Let’s face it, divorce is more than hard. High-conflict divorce is a mess. Ready to change all that craziness?

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