Its time to seek a therapist for counseling.

It was 7:15 a.m. I was listening to a caller seeking counseling: “Nothing in my life is going right. I am stuck in a no-win marriage. We’ve been in marriage counseling but we still say terrible things to one another. I keep second-guessing myself.  I don’t know what to do, but I need to do something…”  There is nothing worse than feeling trapped. It can be frightening, overwhelming, and discombobulating.  Even the most put together person can feel overwhelmed when life’s disappointments reaches a critical point.

I understand. Restoring inner calm, while establishing emotional safety and course of treatment is a cornerstone of our initial meeting. My approach is proactive and solution-focused. The setting is confidential. I work with individuals who face various challenges such as a high-conflict divorce, anger management issues, anxiety, career transitions, break-ups and so much more.

If you have secretly felt ashamed and wondering…
“What’s wrong with me?”

 Men and women who seek my help often feel embarrassed by their life choices, regret their angry behavior, and feel uncertain on how to “fix” their situations. These thoughts and feelings are understandable. When we begin our work, they get a bird’s eye perspective about the unfolding of their lives. No matter if its anger management counseling, divorce counseling, relationship challenges, or life transition, our work allows them to gain access to their inner strength, confidence, and better choices. It is possible to triumph over hardship. With respect and regard to that process, I offer empathy, intuition, guidance, and collaboration.

I’m Sonia Brill; I help people like you master your inner psychology to get comfortable in your skin.


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