Counseling therapy NYC

You can feel better.

If you’ve been suffering from anxiety or worry it might be hard to imagine feeling better is possible. Pushing through the day may have worked for some time, but it begins to take a toll. Anxiety is often triggered during a transition such as difficult divorce or a hard break-up. At times, you can simply wake up and experience anxiety. Considering counseling means you’re ready for something better. Anxiety and fear are a natural response to a threat, when it continues to creep into daily life, it keeps you from feeling happy and becomes a barrier to living a life you deserve.

Thriving not just surviving. That’s my motto. As a therapist, my training and education at NYU-Bellevue brought me face-to-face with highly charged situations including dodging a flying gurney and making it safely out of a crack house. Surviving is only part of the equation. I’ve come to realize that what we do with it afterwards gives us the wings.

Are you ready to feel better?

No matter your situation, you can move beyond it because healing is a dynamic and continuously happening. I can help you access your truth with purpose so you can define your path with confidence. In this process, healing occurs in tandem with therapy, rather than as a result of it. Using a multi-pronged approach, I blend western psychology with eastern philosophy. This composition allows you to  access your full potential to experience happiness, resilience, and self-connection.