Are you feeling overwhelmed with inner conflict? Do you want things to be different, but don’t what to do next?

I often hear from individuals and couples who feel their situation is beyond repair.  It can be an overwhelming and frightening time.  Anger, upset, and conflict may have replaced hope and trust. Communication may be strained. Intimacy and kindness may be non-existent. They may have tried to find solutions on their own but find themselves back to where they started.

I am aware that feeling relief is a priority. In a safe and confidential setting, clients receive counseling help to move beyond struggles; instead, they discover what has been missing for them and begin to get unstuck.  No more do they need to be someone they are not; instead they are able to breathe a sigh of relief.  They feel seen, heard, and respected.

Sonia Brill is an anger and relationship expert specializing in
high-conflict divorce counseling, anger management counseling, and marriage therapy. 

Step 1

Evaluation of your Current Situation

An evaluation is a meeting in which important information is gathered to create a personalized treatment plan. In a confidential setting, we will discuss your presenting concerns and matters which are important to you. My approach is proactive and solution-focused.

Step 2

Our Work

Through a supportive and guided process, clients discover how to take down the barriers which block personal success. They are able to heal old wounds and create closer connections.  I am an active listener and participant in the counseling process.  By combining the principles of emotional intelligence, psychodynamic theory, and solution-focused methodology we have a powerful approach to not only understand our inner psychology but also the opportunity to enhance skill development for relationship success.

Step 3


“Working with Sonia, I learned to accept who I am and to be happy with where I am. I now able to recognize my feelings much sooner and am able to control my actions as well as my feelings better. Sonia will definitely helped me achieve my goals.”Chris P-Investment Banker, Denver, Colorado.
Getting comfortable in one’s own skin is an outcome of our work together; clients feel confident, self-aware, calm, self-assured, and have satisfying relationships.

Let’s take the next step together and call me,