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Is there a high-conflict person in your life?

Powerful Counseling to Resolve High-Conflict


Relationship Counseling
Highly reactive couples flare up quickly.  They feed off each other’s behavior. Urgent counseling can settle distressing emotions while a plan of action is created.  


Anger Management Therapy
Anger can destroy trust. It can be a problem in the workplace. Using the methods in Get Rid of Anger-12 Step to Being Calm, you can learn to control anger in 8 weeks. 


High-Conflict Divorce Counseling
High-conflict divorce can turn your life inside out. Using solution-focused and strategic counseling, you can feel like yourself again.



Individual Counseling
Is life spinning out of control? Do you have inner conflict? Solution-focused counseling to help you gain clarity and direction.  

Expertise. Guidance. Resolution.

It is an act of courage to get help. I receive calls from men and women who are quick to argue, get defensive, anxious, and blame, or they are faced with someone in their life who has a high-conflict personality—they need more than the run of the mill counseling advice. Highly reactive people have a flash temper. If unregulated emotions is at the heart of the matter, no amount of talk therapy or communication skills will fix it.

To not make matters worse, you will first need to gain control over your reaction. Then, you will need to assess your situation and build skills to resolve conflict.  My name is Sonia Brill, I am a licensed therapist and author. As a therapist, my mission is to show you how to be free from high-conflict suffering. My work is characterized by compassion, intuition, and collaboration. My approach is straight-forward without being judgmental, and encouraging without being overbearing.  I use emotional intelligence techniques, emotion regulation, and a solution-focused format. One-on-one intensive counseling sessions and group training is provided. 

I started out at Bellevue Hospital and Homeless Shelter, NYC. Watching rats scurry around while I conducted counseling group gave me a new perspective about survival.  The courage of the human spirit can triumph over conflict.

Congratulations on taking the first step toward ending high-conflict. 

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The most valuable lesson I have learned is to communicate, understand what I am feeling, and experience the levels of emotions. I am much happier and I don’t need the physical attention of men to create happiness. I stopped binge drinking. I have set goals for myself. I have guidelines for my personal life. I used to see things very much as “black and white,” but I have learned that most things are in the middle and not so “cut and dry.” I don’t have to settle for less—I can finally get what I want.

E.B.CEO, Greenwood Village, CO

Thank you so much for working with me this year. I can’t fully express how much better I feel, and you sure helped me get there. I feel you are a truly gifted therapist and are doing what you were destined to do. Thank you also for being willing to keep the door open, if needed, in the future. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

K.L.Nurse, Littleton, CO

I have a better understanding of my issues, and I am able to be in touch with them in real time. I have a much better perspective than before the work started.

J.C.Bank President, Denver, CO

Counseling for People Who Don’t want to Talk about It

My counseling is based on proven research on how emotions and habits form. Using brain science, emotional intelligence, and psychological principles, clients can tolerate distressing situations and regulate out-of-control emotions.

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