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Get Rid of Anger-12 Steps to Being Calm

By July 14, 2016 Uncategorized

12-StepAngerManagment-January_2014 (2)The copyrighted program in the book, Get Rid of Anger-12 Steps to Being Calm provides a clear set of tools and skill-building exercises to help adults and teens manage anger before it becomes a destructive force in their lives. By working through the anger management workbook, you will become equipped with skills you can use in your  place of work; in your marriage, parenting,  and other relationships; and in any other situation where managing anger is essential to your happiness and success as a human being.

Objectives Upon completion of this workbook, you will:

• Be able to identify anger in yourself or another person, and the role it plays in your life.
• Understand the high cost paid for uncontrolled anger in your life.
• Have an understanding of the chemistry of anger and the way your emotional brain overrides your more rational self.
• Be able to successfully and consistently utilize the key modules to control and transform anger in your life.
• Be able to eliminate destructive communication patterns and replace them with effective and sustainable ways to advocate for yourself.
• Have skills to help you manage the negative effects of stress on your life, health, and happiness.
• Increase your “emotional intelligence” and the ability to feel empathy and sympathy, and to exercise forgiveness.
• Be able to replace knee jerk reactions with considered responses.
• Be able to create choices in how you react and not be at the mercy of past patterns of behavior.
• Learn to witness your internal dialogue regarding anger and replace negative self-thoughts with positive, healthy, balanced considerations.
• Learn to identify unrealistic expectations you have for yourself and people in your life that create angry reactions.
• Develop the ability to use forgiveness to let go of memories and past experiences that continue to create anger and unhappiness in your present.

The 12 Key Skills

The 12 Key Skills together constitute the toolbox you will come to use in situations where you encounter anger in yourself and in others. By practicing these skills, you will be able to master anger rather than be at its mercy. Replacing destructive behaviors with productive behaviors will transform every area of your life, creating more happiness, health and wellbeing for you and for everyone you encounter.

These skills are:
1. Understanding Anger
2. Creating Awareness
3. Changing Attitudes about Anger
4. Managing Stress to Create Balance
5. Satisfying Unmet Needs
6. Developing Emotional Intelligence
7. Mastering Emotional Regulation
8. Developing Empathy
9. Changing Destructive Thoughts
10. Communication Success
11. Power of Listening
12. Forgiveness

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