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High-Conflict Divorce Class

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Divorcing with Dignity
Put a Stop to High-Conflict Divorce Training Class

“Resilient, Healthy Parents Raise Happy, Healthy Kids”

Divorcing with Dignity (DWD) is a powerful parenting training class for co-parents who are involved in a difficult, high-conflict co-parenting situation.  This training is designed to teach participants how to regulate emotions and reduce the impact of ongoing conflict on children. The coursework combines emotional intelligence competencies, such as emotional awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and behavioral management, with effective problem-solving skills.

“Researchers have found that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and ability to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life, including family relationships.”       – The Gottman Institute

Co-parents are offered two-hour training sessions for ten weeks.  The curriculum format is delivered to maximize your ability to diffuse intense emotional reactions and behaviors, while developing skill sets to effectively handle the challenges of conflicts before they reach a fever pitch.  The goal of this curriculum is to move beyond high-conflict habits of engagement in the best interest of the child.

Get Started

Divorcing with Dignity classes are provided on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
You can attend any class of your choice at any time.
$50 per group training
$216.00 for the entire curriculum
$300 per individual training
Call to register at 720-971-1254 and get ready to end the heartache of high-conflict. With this opportunity you can turn things around.  Your children’s innocence can be protected. You can have peace of mind.   

Training 1: The Break-Up Brain
3 ways the brain responds real or perceived threat during the ending of a relationship
3 types of reactions that occur when the brain is overstimulated or panicked
6 ways the brain and mind assesses and re-organizes

Training 2: Easing the Stressed Brain
3 ready-to-use skills to ease stress and overwhelm
2 in-class assignments
Moving from difficult divorce to divorcing with dignity

Training 3: The Emotionally Intelligent Mind and Divorce
Emotional Intelligence: what it is and how it works to help regulate emotions
3 emotional skills and self-awareness skills
3 self-regulation skills

Training 4: My Kids and Myself
Check out your kids’ shoes
3 things you must know about kids and divorce
3 ways to tune into your kids’ emotions
4 ways to know what is yours and theirs

Training 5: Healthy Balance and Boundaries
Narcissistic wounding and boundaries
De-activating negative emotions
3 ways that boundaries create inner balance
6 ways to establish safe and effective boundaries

Training 6: Effective Co-Parenting Communication
Do you know what you want?
4-Cs of Co-Parenting Communication: Concise, Clear, Careful, and Conclusive

Training 7: Don’t Poke the Bear
4 qualities that fuel high-conflict engagement
8 ways to handle and diffuse high-conflict situations

Training 8: What are Your Kids Saying?
Understanding “kid talk”
3 ways to support and empathize with your children
Preserving your child’s innocence

Training 9: Creating New Traditions for Healthy Life
Setting goals and achieving results
3 ways to create a new life
Ways to empower kids to join in setting new traditions

Training 10: Celebrating Progress
Reviewing thoughts and experiences of divorce at week 1 and week 10
Sharing personal success
Inspiring and supporting others

Step 1. Take the Divoring With Dignity Divorce Class Self-Assessment 

Step 2. Register Now. Limited Space Available. 
Class Begins August 30, 2017


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