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Do Less And Fiercely Change Your Life

Life Lesson: Nervously I climbed rickety set of stairs to the top of an elephant. The ride took us though Kanha National Park, India to get a glimpse of a resting tiger in the wild. "Quiet your breathing, we don't want to arose the resting tiger" the guide ordered. Circling above were vultures. I could hear my heart beating in…
Sonia Brill
March 27, 2018

High-Conflict Divorce Class

Divorcing with Dignity Put a Stop to High-Conflict Divorce Training Class “Resilient, Healthy Parents Raise Happy, Healthy Kids” Divorcing with Dignity (DWD) is a powerful parenting training class for co-parents who are involved in a difficult, high-conflict co-parenting situation.  This training is designed to teach participants how to regulate emotions and reduce the impact of ongoing conflict on children. The…
Sonia Brill
July 27, 2017
Anger Management CounselingHigh-Conflict Divorce Counseling

What is high-conflict and what keeps conflict going?

High-conflict is characterized by ongoing disagreement and an inability to reach mutual agreement. The differences or values that are held by each party may be stark and incompatible. High-conflict is expressed through blame, shame, put-downs, and verbal abuse. High-conflict leads to chronic stress.  Physical symptoms of high-conflict can include: headaches, stomachs, racing heart, insomnia, and other illness. It can lead…
Sonia Brill
July 28, 2016

Get Rid of Anger-12 Steps to Being Calm

The copyrighted program in the book, Get Rid of Anger-12 Steps to Being Calm provides a clear set of tools and skill-building exercises to help adults and teens manage anger before it becomes a destructive force in their lives. By working through the anger management workbook, you will become equipped with skills you can use in your  place of work;…
Sonia Brill
July 14, 2016
High-Conflict Divorce Counseling

Divorcing the Narcissistic Ex

With weary eyes, Jon (name changed for privacy) shook his head in disgust. He logged onto Talking Parents.com and waiting were seven long messages. His stomach turned in knots, "what entitled BS am I faced with this time?" he muttered to himself.  Oh no, he said. She's planned a fourteen day cruise with the children without getting my prior agreement.…
Sonia Brill
May 7, 2016
Relationship Counseling

3 Important Reasons to Set Healthy Boundaries

Its 7:23 p.m.... Frozen food is beginning to thaw in the grocery bags. You sift through the darn messages, looking for the one from the contractor; as you overhear kids yelling at each other about something not being fair. Saying something to them will only make things worse. You put your phone down and look around, feeling overwhelmed. We are bombarded with numerous…
Sonia Brill
April 26, 2016