I’m a licensed practicing psychotherapist in Colorado and New York. I’ve specialized in high-conflict divorce and anxiety related concerns. I’m a classically trained New York University therapist with advanced training from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine for Family and Group Work in New York. And I’m a certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor, trained by Roger Gabriel, Deepak Chopra, and David Frawley.

I started my career in the trenches of Bellevue Hospital in New York reintegrating homeless men who struggled with severe psychiatric issues who lived under the 59th Street Bridge into the community, to helping individuals choose courage over conflict during a high-conflict divorce.

I’ve loved working in high-tension settings such as Westchester Medical Center, St. Vincent’s Hospital, and Bellevue Hospital’s Psychiatric E.R. These setting prepared me to write about anger, emotional intelligence, and relationships. Although my accomplishments have been featured in various publications such as Huffington Post and Divorce Magazine, and while I have served as a Parental Responsibilities Co-Evaluator at Katz and Loizeaux Forensic Services in Denver, my steadfast intention has been to facilitate healing and happiness.

As healthcare professional, I’ve wondered what makes some of us responsive to treatment, while others resistant to it? What makes one person happy under almost any condition, while others anxious? What drives our choices? While I asked these questions, I found it nearly impossible to find the answers. I began a deep dive into my own life—choices and challenges—that lead eventually lead me back to my roots.

I was exposed to two cultures, with talks of eastern wisdom traditions. My father chanted Sanskrit and mother read Hebrew. We had extensive discussion about what made humans tick. Raised in bi-cultural home, I was imbued with the breadth and depth of cultural acceptance and deep compassion for all humans. My early memories were of men and women in the Ganga River in India and engaging in Vedic ceremonial practices in New York City. As I began to blend eastern philosophy with western psychology in my work, I noticed accelerated healing. As an avid yoga and meditation practitioner for years, the search culminated in formal studies at world-renowned Chopra Center in California.

Emotional health is nuanced, dynamic and ever changing. Being emotionally healthy is more than just feeling good; it’s about feeling good in our skin (even when things don’t go as planned). I’m passionate about wellness at all levels—integrating time-tested practices with psychological expertise to facilitate happiness, inner peace, and wellness.

Contact me at info@soniabrill.com.