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Its 7:23 p.m….

Frozen food is beginning to thaw in the grocery bags. You sift through the darn messages, looking for the one from the contractor; as you overhear kids yelling at each other about something not being fair. Saying something to them will only make things worse. You put your phone down and look around, feeling overwhelmed.

We are bombarded with numerous distractions and torn in many directions. How we respond to our lives is dependent how we prioritize and set healthy boundaries. We often pay attention to the loudest noise in our immediate environment. That noise can be the children arguing, the phone ringing, or the groceries on the counter. When we become absorbed by the various noises, it’s difficult to know what to complete first. Becoming aware of what we pay attention to and how we respond can inform us of how we organize our lives. Healthy boundaries allow us to create balance and flow. It allows us to say yes to the things we want; no to the things we don’t want.

Healthy Boundaries are our key to personal freedom.

1. Boundaries allow us to feel safe. It is the inner makers which gauge our personal space—it is where our personal thoughts, behaviors, and emotions end and another’s begins. Imagine having an invisible protection circle around you, this circle filters out unwanted behaviors, words, and influences which could otherwise create imbalance. This circle functions in conjunction with our emotional, physical, and mental system.

2. Boundaries inform us when we are getting stressed out. When we are stressed and overwhelmed much of the time, we have allowed many unwanted external intrusions into our lives.

3. Boundaries are gatekeepers for our emotional and physical health. Healthy boundaries flag us to unhealthy manipulative or controlling feelings in others. It allows us the opportunity to make different decisions when otherwise we would engage with others who can be emotionally toxic for our well being.

If you are struggling with boundaries, know you are not alone. Most of us learned that taking care of ourselves was equal to being selfish—when the truth is—taking care of ourselves allows us to take care of others better. Unlearning and re-learning is part of our journey. This is why I began this website. It was help you shed old programming and offer practical knowledge on how to think in ways that lead to better decisions, to develop healthy boundaries in relationships, and to feel great.