When I first started working with Sonia I was going through a divorce, was angry, and in a very difficult time in my life.  Sonia helped me work through my anger management issues, become aware of unhealthy patterns, and set healthy boundaries in my relationships.  All of this has created substantive positive changes in my life.  I will forever be grateful to Sonia and would recommend her to anyone.  She is amazing!

D. Ryan

Real Estate, Denver, CO

Through the executive coaching program, I learned to control my negative self-talk. I am becoming more controlled, relaxed, and confident. I am realistic about my expectations. Sonia is the best! She provided a safe, non-judgmental environment in which I could express my feelings. I would recommend this program highly.


Executive, Aurora, CO

I have achieved my personal goals and look forward to a bright and stress-/anger-free future. I have learned to give myself frequent breaks throughout the day and maintain a positive mental attitude. Anger can control your behavior if you don’t consciously make a daily effort to control it. There is a lot of great material in the anger management manual and it is tool I will use in the future. Sonia is a great person, facilitator, and listener.


Financial Planning, Piney Creek, CO

Through the program, I have stopped getting so reactivated. I am able to see the cyclical nature of things and I am proactive and intentional.


Attorney, Greenwood Village, CO

I contacted Sonia at a point in my life where I just felt overwhelmed. I was incredibly stressed and felt like I couldn’t properly deal with even simple issues in my career or my marriage. Meeting with her provided clarity on these issues and helped me get to a point where I could more easily make positive decisions for my life and happiness.

Once we started the Anger Management sessions, I really started to see significant changes in myself. I was able to understand more of what actions I was actually taking, how much of an impact my own actions had on all the situations around me, and what steps I could take to change them. For me, having specific directions on how to handle my stress was crucial. I went into the program hoping for the best, but not overly hopeful that it would “solve my life problems.” I am so happy to be able to say that it has really come close to doing just that.

I am now working in the best environment I could ever have hoped for and am in the loving and close relationship with my husband that I knew was possible. I am so thankful that I took this course with Sonia. I don’t even want to think where my career and marriage would have been now without it.


Consultant, Castle Rock, CO

I initially came to SB Consulting because of an extreme outburst of anger. I never wanted to act or behave the way I did during my outburst again. I wanted to learn to control my temper. I came to the realization that my anger was mostly a byproduct of my state of mind; that I was extremely sad and unhappy with myself. Working with Sonia, I learned to accept who I am and to be happy with where I am. I am able to recognize my feelings much sooner and am able to control my actions as well as my feelings better. Sonia definitely helped me achieve my goals.

Chris P.

Investment Banker, Denver, CO