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Are you ready to get comfortable in your skin?

On good days, everything is fine. On bad days, things come undone. Making simple decisions take a herculean effort. Driving the kids to school, answering e-mails, or returning calls drain the very last bit of energy. Staying under the covers seem like the only option.

How long can you continue living with anxiety?

Together, let’s find the “off” switch.

The Method to End Crippling Anxiety: Mindfulness-based cognitive behavior psychotherapy

Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy is powerful, evidence-based counseling method that measurably reduces  anxiety, stress, and worry.

Mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy slows the negative feedback loop in the mind.  The combination of mindfulness-based practices with evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy can help you:

  • Observe your thoughts and emotions
  • Re-structure thought patterns that lead to anxiety

Rather than re-living painful experiences, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy can help you re-connect to positive emotions and have greater confidence. The skill-based approach allows you to regain personal control.

There’s hope. You can feel better.
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Sonia has been recognized as a specialist with expertise in high-conflict divorce, anger, anxiety, and stress-related issues. She is licensed in New York and Colorado.