Your partner has always been controlling — it’s one of the reasons why you want to leave. But now that you’re getting ready to really make the break, he or she is not letting you go — instead, your partner is ramping up the control.


In this course, Sonia Brill, LCSW, offers you a step-by-step guide on how to safely navigate a high-conflict divorce from someone who has narcissistic or borderline personality disorder. You’ll learn how to assess your situation, determine your level of risk, and develop a plan for action. You’ll learn a method for dealing with your ex’s intrusive and erratic communications. And if you have kids, you’ll learn how to use parallel parenting to minimize contact with your ex.

In the end, this course will help you get beyond the emotional drama to create a life outside of your high-conflict divorce.

Why your ex ramps up controlling behavior when you want to leave
Traits of narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder
Identifying the methods your ex uses to try to maintain control over you
How to accept your feelings on a day-to-day basis
Finding the right support, such as a therapist and an attorney

Learning objectives:
After this course, you should be able to:
Protect yourself and your children from conflicts during and after divorce from a narcissistic or borderline partner.
Identify the high-conflict patterns of behavior that fuel high-emotional drama.
Manage, strategize and disengage from the high-conflict ex.
Use a four-step model to manage emotions and respond to hostile e-mail communication.
Employ parallel parenting strategies for the best interest of your children.

Program Agenda
55 minutes instruction
A step-by-step guide for navigating a high-conflict divorce
Step 1: Assess and prepare
Step 2: Determine risk
Step 3: Develop a plan

How to identify high-conflict patterns of behavior that fuel emotional drama
Borderline personality disorder
Narcissistic personality disorder
Maintain control and contact
Provocation or erratic behavior to potential loss of spouse
Manage, strategize and disengage from your high-conflict ex
Use a four-step model to manage emotions and respond to high conflict
Parallel parenting allows you to minimize contact and create a life for you and your children

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