High-Conflict Divorce Counseling
Reunification Therapy

Even under the best of circumstance, divorce is difficult. I often hear from men and women who are in midst of a divorce–they are troubled by their ex’s manipulative behavior. They fear that their ex has the ability to convince and charm professionals to get their way. They have seen a different version of their ex. Their ex may be interfering with parenting time, using shame to belittle them; withholding information about the children’s medical appointments, and creating emotional drama over small matters. Children often get caught in the middle. Facts are often distorted and used to poison relationships, maligning children against parent.  It can be overwhelming to deal with with a high-conflict divorce.  Other aspects of life are placed on hold while they try to sort through a overwhelming maze.

High-Conflict Divorce is crazy-making.
Get Sound Guidance.

During a divorce the most valuable aspects of life come under scrutiny. High-conflict divorce heightens matters tenfold. It necessitate stamina and skill. A sound expert helps navigate the pitfalls of high-conflict divorce.

With expertise in high-conflict divorce, I offer skill’s training counseling to disentangle and disarm conflict. I also provide reunification therapy.

Assignment facilitates a path for successful communication exchanges, behavior management, and confidence building. With a mindful approach, life beyond high-conflict divorce becomes possible.

With expertise in divorce work, you can:

Foster healthy relationships
Develop self- confidence and trust
Identify personality disorder behavior and patterns
Understand behaviors which fuel emotional drama
Avoid the traps of bullies and emotional exploiters
Develop boundaries and limit-setting
Deal with parental disparagement and threats
De-activate emotional buttons that are used to manipulate and control
Create an effective e-mail plan
Learn to identify signs for potential conflict
Learn how to keep children out of the middle
Develop protecting strategies in communicating
Know when to use no contact or minimal contact
Create a strategy for healthy living

Sonia Brill graduated with Honors, Magna Cum Laude from Pace University with a BA in Psychology. She earned a Masters in Social Work with an emphasis in Psychodynamic Psychology from New York University and received post-graduate training in group and family from Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Sonia Brill is a licensed psychotherapist in Colorado and New York. She specializes high-conflict divorce counseling. Her style is direct, straight-forward, and empathetic.  Sonia’s work has been acknowledged by the judicial system and she frequently consults with Family Law Attorneys and Child Family Investigators. She served as a Parental Responsibilities Co-Evaluator at Katz and Loizeaux Forensic Services in Denver, Colorado.

Recognized nationally, Sonia Brill has been sought after by surgeons, television personalities,  and professionals. Her work has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Docket, Your Tango, and Divorce Edition, News 9, Talking Divorce Radio Show, CBS NYC, Rock Talk with the Rock Girl and other media.