Even under the best of circumstance, divorce is difficult. I often hear from men and women who are in midst of a divorce–they are troubled by their ex’s manipulative behavior. They fear that their ex has the ability to convince and charm professionals to get their way. They have seen a different version of their ex. Their ex may be interfering with parenting time, using shame to belittle them; withholding information about the children’s medical appointments, and creating emotional drama over small matters. Children often get caught in the middle. Facts are often distorted and used to poison relationships, maligning children against parent.  It can be overwhelming to deal with with a high-conflict divorce.  Other aspects of life are placed on hold while they try to sort through a overwhelming maze.

It can be crazy-making.
It is time to protect yourself.

Sonia Brill Counseling

As a high-conflict divorce therapist, I view high- conflict divorce counseling as a structured process which involves supportive guidance along with a strategic plan. I am very engaged in each meeting and directly communicate how to create behavioral management for their particular situation. I begin by establishing a goal for our work which incorporates what my client is experiencing.  My office is a safe place where clients learn to shed doubt and fear; gain confidence and trust. Through divorce counseling, they establish clear boundaries for communication, an effective e-mail plan for limited contact, and learn to identify signs for potential conflict.  My clients are serious about our work; they are honest, accountable, and ready for change. As a result, they learn how to end the one up-one down dynamic and regain their lives back.

Together, we can make your situation better.  I will guide you to:

Identify personality disorder behavior and patterns
Understand behaviors which fuel emotional drama
Avoid the traps of bullies and emotional exploiters
Develop boundaries and limit-setting
Deal with parental disparagement and threats
De-activate emotional buttons that are used to manipulate and control
Learn how to keep children out of the middle
Develop protecting strategies in communicating
Knowing when to use no contact or minimal contact
Create a strategy for healthy living

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