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High-Conflict Divorce Counseling

Take the High-Conflict Divorce Class Self-Assessment

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Sign Up for Divorce Class Now! How did things get here? How did I  NOT see the signs?  How do I get out of it?  Its natural to wonder…Thinking about what went wrong, leaves you feeling helpless and angry. Instead, let’s take back this power. Start with the high-conflict divorce assessment. Then sign up for Divoring With Dignity Divorce Class. Free…

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What is high-conflict and what keeps conflict going?

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High-conflict is characterized by ongoing disagreement and an inability to reach mutual agreement. The differences or values that are held by each party may be stark and incompatible. High-conflict is expressed through blame, shame, put-downs, and verbal abuse. High-conflict leads to chronic stress.  Physical symptoms of high-conflict can include: headaches, stomachs, racing heart, insomnia, and other illness. It can lead…

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relationship coaching

“Despite the Red Flags, I Stayed…”

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Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important. Carl Reiner Remember your first date? With just the right elements of sexual tension and engaging conversation, you were excited to get to know her. A second date led to deeper conversation, sexual intrigue, and fun. As time went on, you were drawn into a relationship. And you noticed signs…

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