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Take the High-Conflict Divorce Class Self-Assessment

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Sign Up for Divorce Class Now! How did things get here? How did I  NOT see the signs?  How do I get out of it?  Its natural to wonder…Thinking about what went wrong, leaves you feeling helpless and angry. Instead, let’s take back this power. Start with the high-conflict divorce assessment. Then sign up for Divoring With Dignity Divorce Class. Free…

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High-Conflict Divorce Class

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Divorcing with Dignity Put a Stop to High-Conflict Divorce Training Class “Resilient, Healthy Parents Raise Happy, Healthy Kids” Divorcing with Dignity (DWD) is a powerful parenting training class for co-parents who are involved in a difficult, high-conflict co-parenting situation.  This training is designed to teach participants how to regulate emotions and reduce the impact of ongoing conflict on children. The…

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What is high-conflict and what keeps conflict going?

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High-conflict is characterized by ongoing disagreement and an inability to reach mutual agreement. The differences or values that are held by each party may be stark and incompatible. High-conflict is expressed through blame, shame, put-downs, and verbal abuse. High-conflict leads to chronic stress.  Physical symptoms of high-conflict can include: headaches, stomachs, racing heart, insomnia, and other illness. It can lead…

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Get Rid of Anger-12 Steps to Being Calm

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The copyrighted program in the book, Get Rid of Anger-12 Steps to Being Calm provides a clear set of tools and skill-building exercises to help adults and teens manage anger before it becomes a destructive force in their lives. By working through the anger management workbook, you will become equipped with skills you can use in your  place of work;…

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