“I need to get control over my anger.” 

Are you surprised by your angry reactions? Does your anger scare others? Do you justify your anger but secretly feel ashamed?

It is critically important that you hire an anger management expert who can brilliantly reach the parts of you which want to explode.  

It might be frightening to think that anger can destroy important relationships. I often hear from men and women who are frightened that their anger problem is out of control. They are caught in a vicious cycle of yelling, name-calling, shaming, and shutting down. I also meet with individuals who are either not convinced that they have an anger management problem or those who are facing a high-conflict divorce.

Partners who come into anger management counseling with issues to address include communication breakdown, management of angry spouse, fear, depression, intimacy issues, conflict resolution, child rearing and much more.

My practice and treatment for anger management:

Starting one-on-one anger management counseling can be worrisome and relieving. I am aware that certain situations which caused angry reactions in the first place may be difficult to discuss, I take utmost care to help clients move past the barriers to easily resolve their concerns. While I take a collaborative approach, the work is guided by brain-science, emotional intelligence, psychodynamic principles, and solution-focused methodology. Using the curriculum from my book, Get Rid of Anger-12 Steps to Being Calm, I structure a personalized plan of action for each client’s success.  My style is straight-forward, without being overbearing, compassionate without being passive.

Personalized Anger Management, I will guide you to: 

Reduce intensity, frequency, duration, and expression of anger in 8 weeks

End angry explosive outbursts

Break the grip of anger and experience positive feelings

Learn how to stop blaming and shaming

Improve emotional regulation, empathy, resilience, and coping skills

Develop intimate connection with loved ones

Restore inner calm and balance

I have one goal in mind.
It is to help you end angry outbursts.

Sonia Brill Counseling

Results-Based Anger Management Counseling

I address four significant qualities of anger, which I call anger based habits. These habits form certain patterns in angry behaviors.  Together, we create a targeted treatment plan for exceptional emotional management. About 98% of clients experience over 85-90% reduction in angry reactions in just eight weeks.

I help people from all walks of life. Individuals who regularly seek my help are physicians, surgeons, attorneys, judges, dentists, therapists, CEO’s and other professionals who require a safe and confidential anger management setting in a one-on-one format.

Let’s start your individual plan today.

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